Myopia Controller

I often get emails from doctors who are frustrated with their declining reimbursements from third party payers. This coupled with large corporations with a main goal of selling more "products" to "consumers" who have no regard for existing FTC regulations, can leave many ODs with a negative view about the future of eye care.

As I have described before, I see so many opportunities for us to continue to grow our pratices in spite of these pressures by managing chronic eye diseases and understanding the value of providing this care to our patients. Additionally, there are opportunities for us to provide advanced refractive care that is outside of the purview of the reduced reimbursement rates and mass produced contact lenses that are being looked at as a commodity. To that end, we have the evidence that myopia control is effective and it is a service that patients can't get online and likely won't get on every corner.

There is nothing magical or complex about managing myopia progression but it is helpful to consider who is most likely to progress in their myopia and what effect each treatment option will have. So to summarize:

Risk factors more associated with greater myopia:

  • Parental myopia

  • Asian heritage

  • Significant near work

  • Reduced time spent outdoors

Effective treatment options and their rate of myopia slowing:

  • Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses - slow progression by ~ 50%

  • Overnight Orthokeratology - slows progression by ~ 43%

  • 0.01% Atropine - slows progression by ~ 60%

If you would like more detail on how to incorporate this into your practice AND get some awesome COPE Approved CE, click here.

Have a great week! ~ Chris